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We are situated in the splendour of the Brecon Beacons  National Park. Our beautiful alpacas graze high on the side of the Black Mountain amidst spectacular scenery, at an elevation of 1400 feet, near the village of Trecastle, twixt Llandovery and Brecon.


There are 35 alpacas in our herd at present, with a wonderful palette of colours - from white, various fawns and browns, delightful greys, to jet black.


We lived, worked, and raised our family in London. We also had roots in Wales – and a different lifestyle was constantly calling me! I read an article in 1997 about ‘Magical, Mystical Alpacas’ and they sounded too good to be true. Easy to keep for someone with no farming background, no sending to market or slaughtering involved, lovable dispositions, luxurious fleeces to be turned into wonderful items, etc., etc.


The price they cost was a drawback, as was our lifestyle at that time. Alpacas stayed in my mind, however, and much information on alpacas was sourced and gleaned.


We also have a liking for cars – and one day husband John needed to collect the reconditioned engine for the 1932 American Nash …… not too far from where my homework had informed me of an Alpaca herd! Arrangements were made and we met our first herd of these adorable creatures.  The owner answered our questions and obviously said all the right things, as fairly soon after it was decided that we could manage to start our herd by buying one pregnant female, who would stay with a herd until our own was ‘created’, and all things ready and prepared to begin this wonderful new venture.


More homework and visits to alpaca farms ensued. There were many discussions with alpaca people who were so helpful and friendly. It was easy to know, or recognise people together with their farm names then. Now, suddenly, everyone is an ‘expert’ on alpacas – and it is probably harder for the unwary, so do visit several herds and talk to breeders to get the information that you need, when starting out.  


1999 found me choosing our first pregnant female.  Alborada Alpacas were agents for Arunvale Alpacas. We had visited them and decided to leave our beloved ‘herd to be’ in their very capable hands. Open Day visits to Arunvale Alpacas were very informative and helpful then, too. So …… a rose grey female was eventually chosen. Musk (renamed Rosie) was chosen from a group, and I was drawn to her – but, exercised caution as she was the most expensive! She has never disappointed. Always a good mother over the years with beautiful cria – many 1st prize winners at the few shows we have shown at. She came with a ‘free’ mating at Arunvale and I chose the renowned Peruvian Shaft’s Dream, one of a superb selection of studs then newly imported. They produced Ebony our black stud who has, in turn, produced many beautiful cria.


I spent much time gazing longingly into empty fields and finally our little herd of five alpacas arrived, as soon as was possible following the horrors of FMD in 2001.


I remember the absolute excitement as more alpacas were chosen to join Black Mountain Alpacas. A favourite stud is our first born here, who again has not disappointed us with beautiful progeny, some carrying his special friendly attributes, too. We have Atlantic Alpacas to thank for his fine breeding and others from there, too.


I never intended to travel the country to show my alpacas, but at a regional meeting we were drawn into it, and have shown some machos at the Three Counties shows at Malvern and once at the Royal show. Several firsts have been awarded - and much praise.


I do, however, enjoy talking alpaca at local shows and fayres, often with a couple of alpacas.

I also enjoy spinning their beautiful fibre and can be seen demonstrating this ancient craft at venues with the Brecknock Guild of Spinners, Weavers, and Dyers.


Alpacas are bred for their luxurious, beautifully soft fibre. It is a joy to spin, knit, and felt, etc. and to individually know the fleece of the alpacas that you have carefully bred.


It is hard to part with any of our alpacas. As long as they have good, responsible, loving homes to go to, then we are happy too. We usually have alpacas for sale.


Visitors are welcome to come and talk alpaca, but please make an appointment first. You will be given honest answers to all questions based on experience, and advised on all aspects of keeping these delightful creatures. After sales support is just a phone call away.


Our alpacas are micro chipped and registered with the British Alpaca Society 

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